Programs and Services

Supplemental Feeding Program

Supplemental Feeding is about provision of healthy and nutritious food to the moderately and severely (non-medical) underweight children to serve as an immediate and direct interventions to improve their nutritional status and to prevent any permanent physical and mental retardation.
This program has four (4) components:
  1. Educate the children and their parents on the importance of eating healthy and nutritious food and develop the families nurturing capabilities through various program media.
  2. Improve nutritional status of the target beneficiaries who are underweight pre-school children ages 1-6 years old.
  3. Mobilize access of beneficiaries and their families to resources present within the community (LGU, Private sectors and other NGOs) to serve as mechanisms for sustainability.
  4. Encourage volunteerism among PSC employees through active involvement and participation in the program.

Medical Mission

This program aims to deliver medical assistance through minor operation, dental and general check-up and provision of free medicines to underserved communitites and areas where it is most needed the implementation phase for this program is year round with a quota of two (2) missions a year.

"Balik-Eskwela" Project

This program identifies a public school or daycare center as target beneficiaries where students will be provided with school bags and school materials for the beginning of the school year.

Disaster/Calamity Relief Operation

This is a regular standby program of the Foundation to provide relief and/or rehabilitation services to victims of natural and man-made disaster/calamities and social disorganization to affected areas through resource mobilization, relief distribution and networking with other agencies.