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Vision Mission


To offer services which improve the quality of life, presently and in the long term, in communities served by our parent company, Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC).


Education of their children is the best way for poor families to move out of their poverty. But inadequate nutrition in its first six years hampers the child from fully benefiting from its exposure to education. PFI adopts the support of pre-school education for children of poor families coupled with provision of nutritious meals and training of mothers in proper child nutrition as a primary mission. PFI will also offer assistance to public elementary schools in poor neighborhoods for improving their physical facilities for more effective education, as well as to sponsor activities for the health and physical welfare of the students. 


    • To achieve proficiency in carrying out its missions for providing assistance to public pre-, and elementary schools, in poor neighborhoods, in partnership with LGU social welfare staff in the design and implementation of programs, and in selection of pre- and elementary schools within the chosen community
    • To carry out its missions and implement its projects with most effectiveness at least cost, including volunteer participation from PSC employees
    • To select the target beneficiary schools where impact on poverty reduction, present and future, through its projects and programs, could be greatest
    • To attract business partners to join in its projects, so that donations coming from PSC may be leveraged to allow more communities to receive benefits, and/or allow PFI-initiated programs (e.g. pre-school feeding) to continue


    • To empower individuals to lead their communities by elevating their standards of living from poverty.
    • To implement sustainable programs and projects that will provide opportunities to communities and individuals.
    • To promote community-spirit and involvement in socially-oriented causes. 
    • Promoting environmental awareness through our recycling 
    • programs and supporting other environmental projects parallel with the Foundation's program. 
    • To provide programs that may create impact and sense of deeper purpose in the lives of our employees and business partners. 
    • Encouraging the spirit of volunteerism to PSC employees and its stakeholders.